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Prophetess Joyce Brown is a dedicated mother, wife, and minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Her thriving marriage with Apostle Urban Brown has grown beautifully over the past 38 years. Prophetess Brown is the co-founder of Life In Christ Family Church. She has a love and a passion for helping young women grow in The Gospel and walk in their divine purpose. She loves interceding and praying on behalf of God's children and imparting wisdom into His vessels. Prophetess Brown has been in ministry for over 35 years and has experienced God move in her own personal life time after time.


Her ministry goes beyond the four walls of the church. She is a woman full of zeal, passion, and fire for The Lord. Prophetess Brown has stepped over many leaps and milestones that extend beyond ministry. She has a heart of gold for the lost and loves to see women rise above and beyond their potential in Christ. She is truly a chosen vessel who walks in abundance of love for God's people and intercessory prayer. She is a mother, a prophetess, and so much more. Being at Life in Christ, you are sure to receive the authentic love of God through this Mother of Zion. 

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